21st Century Cassini Glass Chandelier with Cane, Copper

By Art Ocean
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Cassini lamps are named after the famous “Cassini–Huygens” mission which was a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) to send a probe to study the planet Saturn and its system. Cassini-Huygens has been described as a "Mission of firsts", that has revolutionized human understanding of the Saturn system, including its moons and rings, and our understanding of where life might be found in the solar system.

Being inspired by this incredible mission and planet Saturn, the designer created these exceptional lighting series. The ring parts are entirely handcrafted with the traditional material wooden rattan, combined with the iridescent paint color sprayed on the metal which change color like a chameleon when looked from different angles. Opaque white glass spheres add a soft touch to the lamp when lit and glow like “Titan”, Saturn’s largest moon.

In the chandelier version of Cassii, each light source is symmetrically aligned on top of each other. Thin cylindrical metal arms hang from the ceiling elegantly to hold the lamps and their orbit. Various sizes and combinations can be made.

Date of Manufacture 03/08/2022
Height 100 cm
Width 200 xm
Depth 30 cm
Weight 50 kg
Diameter 45 cm
Stone Actinolite
Material Bronze
Rarity Limited Edition
Shipping Cost
Shop Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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