21st Century Modern Set of 4 Vases Philip Handcrafted

By Art Ocean
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C$ 625
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21st century contemporary modern set of 4 white ceramic vases Philip with leather handles and metallic buttons handcrafted 

Set of 4 ceramic vases Philip

Di.12 x H.32cm / Di.4,72 x H.12,6in

Di.15 x H.20cm / Di.5,91 x H.7,87in

Di.18,5 x H.12cm / Di.7,28 x H.4,72in

Di.11,5 x H.24cm / Di.4,53 x H.9,44in

White glazed and waterproof ceramic vases. Matte finish. Leather handles with metallic buttons. Handcrafted 

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Shop Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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